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Revolver “Planet” washing machine

This machine is designed and built by Triton to revolutionize the washing of single parts at high production rates, thanks to its continuous motion and ability to clean quickly and effectively even complex shapes and in the presence of chips. Washing is carried out by immersion with hydrokinetic action, can use the latest generation of rinse-free detergents and returns the parts, contained in spot-protected plastic cylinders, with very low residual moisture.

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Fully automated

It cooperates with the production machine by staying waiting for parts by adjusting the cadence, and automates loading and unloading. It is equipped with main switch, PLC with LCD touch screen for reading and setting parameters, and for manual control of machine devices

Materials and structure

Constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel with the use, where appropriate, of satin-finished stainless steel to improve aesthetics. Equipped with external insulation with insulating mats of mineral wool 40 mm thick and upper cabinetry with front hatch, tilting, for inspection of all parts


With porthole for cleaning, ball valve for tank drainage, level switch with electric contacts, solenoid valve for automatic level reset, electric heating elements for heating the solution

Satellite carrier rotary table

Worm gear motor, directly keyed to the rotary axis, to support and gear motor, geared directly to the rotary table, to control the rotation in steps. The satellites (6 or 10) cylindrical workpiece holders, mounted on the table, are made of high-strength plastic material and are drilled on the shell

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