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For 70 years, we have placed the customer at the center of our focus.

Triton Advanced Search has been present in the metal treatments and finishes market since 1956, continuously evolving and progressing in line with the needs of customers and their industries. This has allowed us to be at the forefront when surface treatment became a central aspect of generating value in industrial production cycles characterized by increasingly higher standards, not only in terms of quality but also environmental impact, in the mid-2000s.

Triton Advanced Search has served over 5,000 customers worldwide, starting from listening to their needs and developing tailor-made solutions based on their specific requirements to increase the value of the final product and optimize industrial manufacturing processes, with a focus on reduced energy consumption and elimination of solvent use for washing.

We believe in innovation born from research and problem-solving. Each of our machines is tailored to our customers and is able to surpass the limits of standard machines, reaching even higher achievements.

Vision & Mission

We solve every problem, meet every need

Each of our projects is unique because it starts with listening to the customer’s needs. From there, we understand the problem from every perspective and identify the most suitable technologies and approaches to solve it, giving life to the invention. At this point, we present our ideas to the customer and then begin the technical realization to create a highly customized industrial washing machine.


Research & Development

Every day, we surpass yesterday’s results to continuously elevate the level of our products and the value we offer to our customers


Environmental Sustainability

Our washing machines do not use solvents, only water-based products, and minimize energy consumption



We build lasting relationships with our customers, from project development to maintenance and upgrades


A New Chapter in Our Life

In 2022, Triton Advanced Search became part of the GEMUX Group, a company specialized in the development of standard or engineered machinery and engineered systems (skids), plant assistance and maintenance services, and technical consultancy for various industrial sectors.

The know-how of Triton Advanced Search in surface treatments and industrial washing, as well as our inclination for custom design and implementation, has become an asset that has allowed GEMUX to expand into sectors it couldn’t previously access.

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